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Square to Square Bike Ride

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square to square The Razorback Regional Greenway connects some of our most dynamic, significant places in Northwest Arkansas – and nowhere is that more apparent than its path through our historic downtowns. The Square to Square Ride this Saturday (Sept. 12) will take cyclists along the Greenway from the Bentonville Square to the Fayetteville Square in a group ride with hundreds of your closest friends.

Starting in downtown Bentonville, the 30-mile ride is definitely not a race. There’s no award for finishing first. Speedy riding, in fact, is not even encouraged. This ride is all about taking your time, savoring the experience and enjoying Northwest Arkansas by bike. The route will have extra marking for the day to ensure that no one veers off course.

There’s also no solid start time, and that’s a good thing. Can you imagine 500 people starting off at the same time on the Greenway? It would look like Interstate 49 at 5:15  on Friday afternoon. Riders can check in with Bentonville Parks and Recreation staff at Lawrence Plaza anytime between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. for a rolling start throughout the morning. Be aware that the last shuttle back to Bentonville from Fayetteville leaves at 2:45 p.m., so riders should ensure they start in plenty of time to allow for restroom and food breaks as they complete the 30 miles. They can also opt for an early morning Fayetteville-to-Bentonville shuttle and make the ride down the trail at leisure without worrying about missing the ride back.

square to square pack

Here’s a handy overview of the event and shuttle times and locations. Riders can also request the shuttle make a stop in downtown Springdale near Shiloh Square after the ride. The cost for the event, which includes shuttle transportation, is $15 for kids and $25 for adults. That’s a great deal, especially considering the super sweet  backpack that comes with registration.

The ride has already engendered a ton of excitement. About 400 people had already signed up Tuesday, and almost 900 people have said they plan to attend on the event Facebook page. That’s a lot of people on the Greenway at one time. That said, it will be extra important to follow the rules of the Greenway and exercise good trail etiquette. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on riding the trails, either for this event or on your own, this weekend:

  • Always keep to the right. Pedestrians stay to the far right of the trail. Cyclists never cross the yellow line. I don’t care how much you want to cut that corner, your 5-second gain isn’t worth someone else’s injury.
  • Pass on the left. While you pass on the left, do everything you can to stay to the right of the yellow line – even if that means slowing and waiting for riders in the oncoming lane to come by.
  • Give warning if you’re passing someone. Be loud but kind.
  • Speed limit on the Greenway is 15 miles per hour. There is absolutely no reason to go faster than this, ever, on the trail. If you want speed, hit the road.
  • Obey traffic signals and lights. There will be several road crossings on the Greenway. Hit the button and wait your turn.
  • Be thoughtful of others! If you follow this rule, all the others fall into place. Everyone else you see on the trail is someone’s mom, daughter, son, brother, husband. Treat them with respect and kindness.

Oh, and don’t forget to share your ride on social media! – #square2square





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